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Alena & Mishel - best friends forever!

Autor: Viky1234xx (Youtube)
Lisas: MammuHorse 08. november 2010
Statistika: vaatamisi 4754, lemmikuks 1 kasutajal
Teemad: Loomad, tricks, horsemanship, meissnerova, viky1234xx, spanish, walk, alena, misa

READ BEFORE COMMENTING!!!!!!! I read all your negative comments... So I was a little shocked, that you comment and don't know ANYTHING about them. Alena is tall, but her pony is strong, she has a lot of muscles on her back. They're barrel racers and they're winning a lot.. And - the whip - I know it's too much! I told her, that she shouldn't whip Mishel too much, but it's not horse abusing. I know few cases, that horses needs it, because they can become rebellious. But they're better now!!! Watch her videos and see newer vids (she also has other horses and there is a video in snow, where they ride without saddle and without bridle... It reminds me, that you said she has a big saddle. The saddle belogs to her thoroughbred and they only tried that. I didn't saw them again in the saddle (they ride on a pad, I think)...... Any questions?

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