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[BBC] Dalai Lama interview on Tibet protests 2008.03.16

Autor: NewsRevue (Youtube)
Lisas: Jüri Kaljundi 16. märts 2008
Statistika: vaatamisi 4303, lemmikuks 0 kasutajal
Teemad: Varia, bbc, china, dalai, freedom, gyatso, independence, interview, lama, lhasa, news, occupation, protests, riots, speech, tenzin, tibet

In an interview with the BBC, the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader, said he feared there would be more deaths unless Beijing changed its policies towards Tibet, which it has ruled since invading in 1950. "It has become really very, very tense. Now today and yesterday, the Tibetan side is determined. The Chinese side also equally determined. So that means, the result: killing, more suffering," he said. "Ultimately, the Chinese government is clinging of policy, not looking at the reality. They simply feel they have gun - so they can control. Obviously they can control. But they cannot control human mind," he warned.

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