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Raimund Ringele in DSDS (Das erste Opfer von DSDS)

Autor: nextbaces (Youtube)
Lisas: Jüri Kaljundi 17. märts 2008
Statistika: vaatamisi 4948, lemmikuks 0 kasutajal
Teemad: Naljad, dsds, raimund, ringele

Translation: (English) Raymund: My name is Raymund Ringele, i still go to school and i'm 17 years old. I like Dieter Bolen's look and his comments... I would respect, if the judges don't like me. His dad: I think, my son is able to do lot of thins. Normally he is a very quiet person, when he is singing, he shows, how he can be. He can delight people. Raymund: I'm very excited, and because of that, i dont know the words of the song... -hello -hi raymund: i'm raymund and I'm happy to be here. ... my name is raymund ringele, I'm from Leverkusen, and I'm 17 years old... Dieter: are you collapsing? ... raymund: no ... my pulse is very high at the moment. dieter: noo^^ you are 17 years old, you don't have pulse *hehe* ... raymund: if you think that i don't have any pulse when I'm 17 years ^^ dieter: * oO * ... raymund: I'm going to sing a song from july - "die perfekte welle" you know july ? ... -yes ... dieter: your show was very very very very very bad ! ... raymund: =( *than he collapsed*

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