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High school musical - When there was me and you

Autor: laury123456 (Youtube)
Lisas: katake22 07. veebruar 2011
Statistika: vaatamisi 3112, lemmikuks 0 kasutajal
Teemad: Meelelahutus, high, school, musical

It's funny when you find yourself Looking from the outside I'm standing here but all I want Is to be over there Why did I let myself believe Miracles could happen Cause now I have to pretend That I don't really care I thought you were my fairytale A dream when I'm not sleeping A wish upon a star Thats coming true But everybody else could tell That I confused my feelings with the truth When there was me and you I swore I knew the melody That I heard you singing And when you smiled You made me feel Like I could sing along But then you went and changed the words Now my heart is empty I'm only left with used-to-be's Once upon a song Now I know you're not a fairytale And dreams were meant for sleeping And wishes on a star Just don't come true Cause now even I can tell That I confused my feelings with the truth Cause I liked the view When there was me and you I can't believe that I could be so blind It's like you were floating While I was falling And I didn't mind Cause I liked the view Thought you felt it too When there was me and you

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