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M&M Cru with a U BATTLES Step Up 2

Autor: mileymandy (Youtube)
Lisas: Lilly Raba 09. detsember 2008
Statistika: vaatamisi 6016, lemmikuks 0 kasutajal
Teemad: Naljad, adam, breakin, channing, chu, cole, cyrus, dance, espinosa, jiroux, jon, madonna, mandy, miley, sevani, step, tatum, teresa, walliser

M&M Cru with a U BATTLES Step Up 2 If you love this song as much as we do be sure to pick up the album, or get the song on iTunes! Click here for the song. This video is a response to an online dance battle challenge from Step Up 2 director Jon Chu and star Adam Sevani. Their challenge video: M&M Cru with a U BATTLES Step Up 2 Starring: Milez with a Z and Manderz with a Z Directed by: Cole Walliser Choreographer: Teresa Espinosa Produced by: Alison Faulk Teresa Espinosa Additional Choreography: Keeley Kaukimoce Ashlee Nino Aja George Killafornia Dancers: Shonnie Aja Ashley Nino Maryss from Paris Keeley Kaukimoce Katie Orr Alison Faulk Teresa Espinosa DJ Angie Vee Osea Kaukimoce The Gayliens B-Boys: Steelo Do Knock Spee-d Wonder Energetic Lil Rock Crumbs Lil Bob Nabil G-Wiz Koncept Peetthasho Friction RockSick AngeliVex B-Girl: Shorty Thank You: Joel Viertel Andreas Burgess Mora Stephens Cory Graves Special Appearances by: Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan Michael Pena Popin' Pete Mammie Thank You to Madonna and Justin for making such a great song! We love it so much we had to dance to it!

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